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Accelerating Hydrogen Trade and the Role of Ports DLCC Room 311 Accelerating science-driven urban transitions: Making AR6 reports actionable for urban policymakers DLCC Room 409 Accelerating technology-based carbon removals: BECCS and DAC DLCC Room 413 Biorefinery: Fuels and Chemicals go hand in hand DLCC Room 414 Building leadership and accelerating action on steel decarbonization in Asia, including India and the Republic of Korea DLCC Room 408 Clean Fuels: The good, bad, and ugly about a lynchpin for decarbonization DLCC Room 305 Coalitions facilitating the technology pathways for net zero industries DLCC Room 302 Energy Earthshots Initiative DLCC Room 304 Enhancing Cross-Border Power Trade Through Improved Institutions, Infrastructure and Markets DLCC Room 308 Indian Clean Energy Showcase – Towards the Path to the 14th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) DLCC Room 307 Innovative CEOs Enabling and Expanding Decarbonization DLCC Room 303 International Regulatory Collaboration to Accelerate Decarbonisation DLCC Room 310 Leading By Example: Electrifying Government Fleets DLCC Room 407 Mobilizing Youth for a Just Transition DLCC Room 415 Pennsylvania’s Energy Horizons: State and National Perspectives on Decarbonization Through H2 & CCUS DLCC Room 306 Repurposing coal infrastructure and diversifying local economies to enable a just transition in coal regions DLCC Room 410 The Breakthrough Agenda Report 2022: Accelerating Sectoral Transitions through Stronger International Collaboration DLCC Room 411 Towards a Buildings Breakthrough: Raising the Performance of the Built Environment DLCC Room 412 Women Empower the Energy Transition DLCC Room 301 Workshop: Zero-Emission Trucks Are Coming! Let’s Charge-Up! DLCC Room 309

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Accelerating Decarbonization in Small Island Developing States DLCC Room 412 Accelerating ZEV Transitions: California-India Collaboration DLCC Room 410 Boosting the Power System Transition: Innovation through GPFM and ISGAN DLCC Room 302 Collaborating to scale up CCUS for the cement sector DLCC Room 407 Community Investment in the Clean Energy Transition: A Dialogue DLCC Room 411 Considerations for Large-Scale Carbon Dioxide Removal DLCC Room 308 Creating a Next Generation Clean Energy Coalition with Nuclear Energy DLCC Room 309 Facilitating and Accelerating PtX-Market Ramp-up DLCC Room 311 Global dialogue on long-term transition pathways for road transport DLCC Room 409 Global Energy Management Leadership and Impact DLCC Room 306 Grid Integrated Vehicles (GIV) to Enhance Flexibility of the Grid for Renewable Energy Integration DLCC Room 415 How Australia is harnessing technology to enable a Net-Zero future DLCC Room 310 Hydrogen Breakthrough: Accelerating the Hydrogen Transition Through Strengthened International Collaboration DLCC Room 414 Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Decarbonized Buildings and Smart Grids DLCC Room 408 Solving energy transition’s trilemma: decarbonisation, energy affordability, and energy security DLCC Room 303 Strategies to accelerate the energy transition in LAC DLCC Room 304 Systems Thinking for a Rapid and Just Net-Zero Transition DLCC Room 413 Transforming Global Grids: International Collaboration and Implementing the Power Breakthrough DLCC Room 307 From blindspot to hotspot: accelerating the transition to sustainable cooling for climate mitigation and adaptation DLCC Room 301 Innovation cooperation: global approaches to enhancing national policies and measuring progress DLCC Room 305

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